Friday, December 5, 2008

The Night

That was really unexpected that night. One of my friend sms to me, say there's smiley in the sky now, 2 star and the moon ask me go to see. When I was received this message I thought my friend send wrong message to me. But dunno why, I was so happy when received althought I thought my friend was send wrong. Haiz. Keep told myself dont think so much. After 10min ago, then my friend reply my message said "the messages was really send to me wan" and asked go out see that time. Unfortunately cant see from my house. This photo I was found in Internet describes what has my friend said that time. The moon smile.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Japanese Trip

On 26th Wednesday. I was participate japanese trip. All those students who are taking japanese language can participate this japanese trip one. First of all we need reached sport complex 8.00a.m because need give us some briefing before japanese student come. It cant deny that, a little bit bored. This is situation at that time.

After the briefing to us, what should we to on that time and what is our tasks. Around 9.xxa.m. the travel bus of japanese students reached at outside sport complex. Some of us busy to take them come in to sport complex. I was lucky because my task just need control at station. hehe.

busy hold the blue paper let japanese students see which is their group

Before than, most of us scare dunno how to communicate with japanese student. Actually not very scare jer. can communicate with them by using simple japanese words and english then they also will understand.

all japanese gal.

So friendly them. hehe

Next is give they some briefing or convection about tar college and some show to welcome them come to our college. Most of them is younger than us because they just secondary school around form 3-6. Lastly but not least they also got some show present to us see. This is show japanese present.

yeah take pic with them. so nice all them.

hip hop dancers
kawaii tis three gal hip hop show they present

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Most tired for today

Today most tired because my timetable just have one hours BREAK TIME only. Let me explain how my timetable full for today. First my class start on 1p.m. to 2p.m. next 3p.m.until 4p.m. then continue 4p.m. until 6p.m. ar... Althought the timetable can be say quite good already because dont have a long time break which i dont know how spent it. haha. Unfortunately the located at class which are we need to study very FAR. So that after finish the class we need to rush up walk to attend another classes just like a crazy girls. Anyway that was quite tired walking but also worth because I walk with all classmates and got said some joke. :)